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Gábor Babicz

LUX Sport Event Service Kft.

The founder and the executive manager of our company, Gábor Babicz and his team have been working in the logistics of international sports events for several years - including World Championships, European Championships in Hungary and the travel-to-abroad. Our services cover all logistical requests related to sports events, since in addition to the transportation of athletes by bus, our company also provides individual trips of private individuals and VIP guests without any matter. As a unique service in Hungary, we also fully organize foreign trips with charter flights.

To our customers, partners

We understand how important it is to have a reliable partner in such times and circumstances. We would like to let you all know that, even now in these challenging times, you can count on us.

Our History

Our company was founded at the beginning of 2022, but our activity as a logistic transportation service started several years ago. Since Hungary plays a decisive role in the world's sports life, Budapest has hosted many world and European championships in the past few years. From 2017 the founder of our company, Gábor Babicz, contributed to the success of all large-scale sports events with his professional knowledge, as he played a decisive role as the head of transport services and logistics. As the transport manager of the 2017 FINA Aquatics World Championships, he and his team created and supervised the transportation and logistic of 190 vehicles, 145 buses, and 15 boats during all 21 days of the event. Until August 2019, he was the head of transport during a lot of FINA events such as: FINA Swimming World Cup 2018, FINA Swimming Junior World Championship 2018, FINA/HOSA Open Water World Cup (Balatonfüred), FINA Swimming World Cup (2018, 2019 Budapest), FINA Junior Swimming World Championships (2019 Budapest). Contributed to the success of the biggest sports event of 2021 in Hungary, the matches of the UEFA European Football Championship in Budapest, as the head of transport services.
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